Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sydney

Give yourself an extra boost

Increased oxygenation at 1.5 ATA nourishes your cells & speeds up every healing system in your body.
Added Hydroxy unit for healing and hydration.
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sydney

Sleep better, improve your mental health and recovery and enhance your body's ability to heal with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Sydney.

Connecting with our breath is a natural way we can restore our body and mind to the present moment. Increasing our oxygen and hydrogen levels benefits our brains, bodies and mindset.

Our pressurised AirPod allows your body to absorb the life-giving gasses at 1.5 ATA (atmospheres absolute) with the added hydroxy unit for hydration and leads to many long-term health benefits.

Oxygen Therapy Sydney

Reset - Revive - Remedy

The long-term health benefits with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy include disease prevention, strengthening your immune system, preventing degeneration and reducing the harmful effects of stress on your body.

Oxygen Therapy


Assists post-surgery or post-training by reducing inflammation and pain.

Oxygen Therapy


Assist your sports recovery and enhance your performance for next time.

Oxygen Therapy


Optimise your quality of life and offset the daily lifestyle pressures and demands on your mind and body.

Experience AirPod

The pressurised AirPod allows your body to absorb the life-giving gasses and leads to many long term health benefits.

With more oxygen and hydrogen delivered to your muscles, brain and blood you will feel reborn, rejuvenated and repaired. 

  • Disease prevention
  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Hydration
  • Improve chronic health issues
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Advanced healing and post-op repair
  • Sleep + Mental performance
  • Sports performance 
  • Pain relief
  • Promotes healing

Prices 60 min treatments - repeat as often as you like

  • Single $79
  • 10 Pack $590
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Oxygen Therapy

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The AirPod utilises the oxygen that is available in the room and compresses this oxygen under pressure so that an increase of 35% oxygen can flow through the body via red blood cells and blood plasma.

The AirPod utilises a pressurised environment under atmospheric pressures greater than 1.0 atmosphere absolute.

The pressure in the AirPod (up to 1.30 ATA) increases the availability of oxygen as oxygen is dissolved and carried in the blood plasma, not just red blood cells.

It is recommended you wear loose, comfortable clothing. The Hyperbaric Chamber will reach maximum pressure within five minutes during which time you clear your ears the same as you would on an aeroplane.

There is adequate space to sit upright or to lie down comfortably. Take a book or magazine, meditate, listen to music, go on your laptop, or iPhone or simply fall into a deep sleep.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - AirPod is a safe, drug-free mild hyperbaric chamber that can be used regularly without any danger of oxygen toxicity.

No. For additional safety, the AirPod does not add extra oxygen into the pressurised environment. Therefore, an oxygen mask is not required.

We don't recommend eating for anywhere up to an hour before your Airpod Session.

Also keep in mind, if you drink lots of water before your session, you may need to end the session early for the rest room. Normal water consumptions is fine.

The AirPod is designed for one adult person in size only.

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