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At Bionik Wellness we want to give you the tools and technology to optimise how you feel and perform in your daily life. We combine education, innovation, and a people-first approach with the best technology available in the wellness space, all within a serene and clean environment to make wellness more accessible, inviting and convenient for everybody.

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Bionik Wellness

From a personal passion
to a movement

Biohacking, science-based wellness and technological advances mean we can improve our recovery, our sleep, our performance and our daily lives. What started as a personal passion project to move, feel and train better has led Bionik Wellness to share these innovative technologies with the world to help other people move, feel and live better.

Science Based Wellness

Innovation through technology with people-first culture

Whether it’s customers in our locations or staff working in our treatment rooms - people come first. We listen to customer feedback and take staff satisfaction seriously. We care about creating an amazing community of like minded health-enthusiasts. We work with the world’s foremost physical therapists, trainers, engineers, designers, scientists at every stage of our journey. As our staff and customer needs are always evolving - we will keep innovating.

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If you have the information, you are armed with the tools to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. For too long inaccessibility prevented people from finding health, wellness and happiness. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, bad sleep, poor health and other health issues, this could have a huge knock-on effect for your work, home and personal life. Education is central to Bionik Wellness. We take pride in explaining how our machines, technology and treatments can help each person optimise their wellness. Whether it’s a workout routine, nutrition, methods, technologies or mindset - having the right tools helps you be your best self.

Our commitment to you

We have a relentless commitment to technology and science-based wellness. If you can study it, prove it and optimize it - we want to know.


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