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Marcus Chidiac

Meet Dr Marcus Chidiac, D.C

Dr Marcus Chidiac is a board registered Doctor of Chiropractic with a plethora of experience treating internationally in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Dr Marcus practices as an evidenced-based clinician, using only the most clinically effective, safe approaches in addressing neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.

Optimisation of a patient's nervous system is at the forefront of his approach, and in doing so, he is able to efficiently address complex neurological dysfunctions like chronic pain and nerve symptomatology. Further, but no less importantly - he is extremely effective in his approach in correcting the ever present concerns of postural dysfunction and spinal stiffness.

Initially, in working with a patient to achieve their specific goals, Dr Marcus’ treatment style is comprised of safe, specific sets of gentle joint manipulative technique and muscular/fascial work using a non invasive, hands-on approach.

Such techniques are dramatically effective in reducing pain levels, improving mobility and improving performance in high intensity activity.

If it involves movement, he is the missing weapon in your recovery arsenal.

Once a patient has progressed deeper into care, a large focus is placed on rehabilitating the patient with patient-centric, evidenced based strengthening and mobility protocol. This ensures a patient does not fall into the drastically common trap of simply fixing the symptoms, and not the underlying cause.

With the care of Dr Marcus, you can expect to enjoy very real improvements to your quality of life, and as someone who lives what he preaches, he is passionate and excited to help you in his best capacity to achieve a greater state of health.

Qualifications & Associations:

  • Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (BChiro, MQU)
  • Master of Chiropractic (MChiro, MQU)
  • AHPRA Registration CHI0002144131

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